Medicare Supplemental Advisors is an independent broker agency providing quality insurance services since 2008.  Our main focus today is Medicare insurance since many of our existing clients have looked to us for guidance and direction.  And as such, many have referred us to their friends.  We strive to add value with honest advice and solid recommendations.

We understand that many older Americans are on a fixed income and have to be very cautious with the money they spend.  Although supplemental policies are the same from one company to another, the premiums may be substantially different.  We strive to provide our clients with the best Medicare plan in their state, at the most competitive price for the long term.  In all cases, we would rather forego a commission by the insurer than to recommend a plan that is not in the best interest of the client.

Our mission is to provide an unbiased view of the choices that are available in a manner in which anyone can understand.  Our goal is to select the company and plan that we believe will give you the best investment for your premium dollar.  The more informed you are – the more likely you will look to us for your next policy should things change.  And if things do change, we are here to proactively monitor and evaluate premiums and plans that will benefit our clients.

Medicare Supplemental Advisors is an independent insurance broker agency specializing in Medicare Supplement Health Plans including Dental, Vision, Hearing and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. Our fee is provided by the insurer that is selected and is not charged to the client.

Medicare Supplemental Advisors is not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government or with the Federal Medicare Program. Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to seek professional advice from an independent licensed agent/broker that is authorized to provide multiple Medicare insurers before final plan selection.