Turning 65 and need a trusted partner to help you through the Medicare maze? If you want to compare Medicare Plans, Rates and Quotes then just go to the Start Here Menu and click the Request Report menu option. All of our clients are provided with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes and Plan Report as shown on that page.

If you just want answers to your questions, call us and we will take time to help you through each step of the Medicare enrollment process. It’s what we do and enjoy! We feel that your health is the most important decision that you can make to achieve a high quality of life.

Our current clients know us by our ability to articulate complex Medicare issues and discuss them so that anyone can easily understand. All of your questions are important to us. In order to view, compare and select Medicare Supplement, dental, vision, hearing and Medicare Part D plans and benefits that are appropriate for you, complete the Get Quotes sections above.

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We are available for a free phone consultation to answer your questions in a professional manner so that you understand. It’s never too early for Medicare Retirement Planning. Complete the Get Quotes form and get your report so that you are able to quickly and easily understand your options. Details provided in the report include:

  1. Medicare Quotes for Medigap Plans Medigap Plan Comparisons
  2. Medicare Advantage Plan Options
  3. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Rates
  4. Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

We work hard to earn your business by providing easy to understand report that allows you to make informed decisions. There is no fee to you for our services. We are compensated by the insurers that you select.

Are You Over 65 And Retiring Soon?

If you are over age 65 and are planning your retirement to achieve 100% of your Social Security benefits, then you have come to the right place! Call today to learn about the Medicare Enrollment Process.

Compare Medicare Options vs Employer Healthcare If You Continue To Work Past 65

You may be looking at comparing your current employer health plan with your options for Medicare. Get the facts with a Medicare Insurance Report that will compare costs and coverages for you and your spouse while you work past age 65. Depending on the cost of your contribution, you could get a better health plan at a lower cost with Medicare. Get a side by side comparison of your Medigap Options. Call now if your employer has less than 20 employees! If your employer health plan is ending it is important to quickly decide in most states. Don’t delay, call today!

Not Sure If You Have Selected The Plan That is Best for You?

Get a second opinion! Just as you would with a doctor, if you are not sure that you are making the right decision then call us for our expertise. Many of our clients have saved money and/or make a better decision on the insurer by coming to us. If you have the best plan, then we will always act with fiduciary responsibility and recommended to stay with a client’s current insurer. The more clients that we talk to – the more clients refer us to others because of our integrity. Call or complete the quote form to see if a new policy can provide the same or better benefits at a lower cost.

Is Your Medicare Advantage Plan Not Renewing This Year?

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan and you have received a non renewal notice that your Medicare Advantage Plan is no longer providing service in your area, then call us to discuss your options. Every cloud has a silver lining and you need to understand your options for a Medicare supplement insurance plan that covers all or most of your medical costs.

Are You Moving Outside of Your Plan’s Coverage Area Soon?

It becomes necessary for the son, daughter, relative or friend to take responsibility to find the best supplemental Medicare plan for their loved one. Sometimes the nearest relative resides in a different state. Even though separated by thousands of miles, you and your loved one will have a qualified licensed agent to work with you to get the best Medicare plan. You will be able to rest assured that you have made the best Medicare plan selection.

Are You Under Age 65 Looking For a Medicare Supplement?

If you are under 65 years and are eligible for Medicare part A and Part B soon, then you should understand what Medicare supplement plans are available to you during you guarantee issue period. Don’t delay. Speak with a Medicare insurance specialist today. If you are on Social Security Disability and you are just enrolling in Medicare Part A and Part B for the first time, you need to understand your guarantee issue options that may be available to you. Many times, we will have to check multiple insurers to confirm the plans that are available for guarantee issue in each state. Regardless of where you are in the Medicare insurance system, your calls for information are completely confidential. Speak with a Medicare Specialist today!