Medicare Supplemental Advisors is your source for developing an ongoing relationship with a knowledgeable Medicare health care advisor. With so much information out on the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for most of us to really understand the benefits of Medicare supplement insurance and the many plans available.  Our mission is to provide an unbiased view of the choices that are available.  And to present the information in a manner in which anyone can understand.  The more informed you are – the more likely you will look to us for your other insurance needs or to recommend us to a friend.

Our professionalism is expressed through the many testimonials that we receive.  An unsolicited testimonial from Barbara J. provided below sums up our level of professionalism.

“After your very courteous and polite way of speaking to us and directing us regarding sites on the computer, and advising us as to what your opinion was for our needs, etc., we came to a decision we felt necessary.  We wish to write you regarding your character, your patience, your guidance, your manner in dealing with the elderly! We never felt we were talking to a stranger, more like a good neighbor.“   Barbara J.  Trevose, PA.

We know that you will be pleased with our professionalism and the guidelines that we live by:

  • Treat all clients with respect and to have patience;
  • Listen to the client and understand their needs;
  • Explain plans clearly, provide advice and counseling on Medicare plans differences and premiums;
  • Offer appropriate recommendations to clients and know when the client already has the best plan for their needs;
  • Follow up is conducted on a regular annual basis – sooner on a proactive basis if our clients plan or circumstances have changed.

We want to provide you with all of the necessary information to understand the benefits of Medicare Supplemental insurance.  We know the information provided on this website will help guide you through many of the Medicare questions you may have.  However, always consult with us, Medicare or any other professional on issues that are in question.

Medicare Supplemental Advisors is an independent broker agency specializing in Medicare Supplement, Dental, Vision, Hearing and Medicare Part D Insurance Plans and is not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government or with the Federal Medicare Program.  Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to seek professional advice from an independent licensed agent/broker that is authorized to provide multiple Medicare insurers before final Medicare plan enrollment.