Are You A Caregiver Looking To Compare Medicare Plans?

It becomes necessary for the son, daughter, relative or friend to take responsibility to find the best supplemental Medicare plan for their loved one. Sometimes the nearest relative resides in a different state. Even though separated by thousands of miles, you and your loved one will have a qualified licensed agent to work with you to get the best Medicare plan. You will be able to rest assured that you have made the best Medicare plan selection.

Communication is truly crucial at this time. Depending on your loved one’s condition you may need to get Power of attorney. You will need to know their medical information and what drugs they currently take.  Most doctor offices today give a report at the time of their visit, if not you will need to collect the following:

Health Conditions, like diabetes, cancer, kidney issues, lung, Heart and many others.

Don’t forget the vision and hearing and dental

Medications:  Ask the doctor make note and keep track of all medications, even supplements. You may also be able to get a report from their pharmacy

Be sure to get the Name of the medication (always ask about a (generic) How much they take and when it is taken. Find out costs. Also check to see if the pharmacy is preferred thru their Drug Plan