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From Grandchildren to Grandparents A Discount Dental Plan is Your Affordable Alternative to Dental Insurance

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Instructions on how to find your discount dental plan:

Step 1: Click the link above and enter your zip.

Step 2: Search for plans by dentist and see what discount dental plans your dentist or surrounding dentists accept.

Step 3: Click on your dentist to compare and select a plan that your dentist accepts.

Step 4: Call the dentist to confirm coverage and Enroll.

Plans offered by are not dental insurance policies and the plans do not make payments directly to the providers of dental services.  Please contact Medicare Supplemental Advisors directly at 610-269-3400 for Dental Insurance Plans that include dental, vision and hearing or click here for a quote.  Dental insurance policies are available from AARP Delta Dental, United Healthcare, Humana and UCT dental/vision/hearing plans.